Walks List

This page is provided as a backup to the interactive map and provides only a list of Trailhead locations and walks with links to walk guides in PDF format.

NOTE – the Trailheads are described below with a list of walks from each, many of which are links to PDF guides. These guides are under development and will comprise 1) a map, 2) a route description and 3) points of interest. The first two parts will be completed and published initially (by mid June 2019) and when they are satisfactory, the third part will be developed for each.

Lisheen Trailhead

3 walks start at Lisheen Trailhead located HERE

Kilcoe Trailhead

3 walks start at Kilcoe Trailhead located HERE

Ballydehob Trailhead

3 walks start at Ballydehob Trailhead located HERE

Schull Trailhead

7 walks start at Schull Trailhead located HERE.

Colla Trailhead (Long Island)

One walk starts at Colla Trailhead located HERE.

  • Long Island walk – 5km

NOTE – the ferry from Colla Pier to Long Island runs twice a day only and doesn’t usually cater for large groups. Special crossings at unscheduled times can sometimes be arranged. See ferry website HERE.

Toormore Trailhead (Altar)

4 walks start at Toormore Trailhead located HERE

Goleen Trailhead

3 walks start at Goleen Trailhead located HERE .